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Fiskeland invites you to experience the world-class angling in the heart of Norway!

In Østfold and Akershus counties, located in the south-east part of Norway, a wonderful variety of fishing experiences await you, including pike fishing in the large lakes of the Halden river valley, fly-fishing for grayling in the lazy currents of the Vorma river, and fishing for hungry brown trout that crowd the many small and silent lakes that lay hidden in the pine forests of Østfold.

If you are a passionate fisherman, the chance to explore on your own is an important part of the fishing experience. This website will give you excellent local information and all the details you need to plan the perfect fishing trip to our part of Norway. We’ve even included a special selection of ideally located cabins and houses for your stay.

These idyllic houses and cabins are available through our carefully developed network of local farmers and landowners – many of whom can trace their families back in this area for hundreds of years - who wish you a warm welcome to the shores of our quiet forest lakes, trout rivers and pike lakes. Even your fishing card can be arrange through your host!